Increasingly complex project requirements and enormous investments stand in contrast to an increasing pressure both on costs and deadlines.

Efficient, cost-effective surveying solutions are needed, without placing precision and safety at risk. Equipment needs to be tailored optimally to a specific project and be usable by the tunnel crew on-site.

With Amberg Navigator, you can choose which tasks you need for your heading guidance, excavation control and surveying of the inner lining.

Tunnel Construction Control live from the Hagerbach NXT 50 Festival


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  • Software packages for heading guidance, excavation control and surveying of the inner lining: a tool for several applications
  • Illustrated, easy-to-understand workflows: the tunnelling crew can work independently
  • Tunnel zone definition in 3D: simple, user-friendly definition of the entire construction project
  • Productive and reliable heading control for the entire tunnel construction process
  • Definition of different safety levels ensures reliable proceedings during setting-out work
  • The system is quickly ready for use thanks to the easily learned, intuitive user guidance
  • One platform: One software platform for all surveying and geotechnical work steps in a tunnel project
  • Scan in real-time: Real-time scan data processing in the tunnel heading and direct stake out of critical areas
  • 3D and BIM: Measurement and analysis in 3D – BIM compatibility
  • Licence fees only for the selected tasks reduce investment costs
  • Increased tunnelling performance through minimisation of idle time
  • Positioning of the total station on a tripod or console requires no previous surveying knowledge
  • Turn scan data directly into results in the tunnel

Amberg Tunnel Software

The modular platform for effortless work and analysis

One software package for the entire tunnel construction process and maintenance. The use of Amberg Tunnel reduces the number of software packages involved in the work procedure, resulting in license cost savings and reduction of training time needed.

  • Project definition in 3D
  • Measurements with ease
  • Effective analysis
  • Automation for reporting
Download the Amberg Tunnel software

Supported Total Stations and Laser Scanners

Leica Total Stations

Trimble Total Stations

3D Laser Scanners