We have the necessary skills and experience to develop tailor-made solutions. We analyse specific work flows and requirements and define performance-optimised concepts together with our customers. This results in highly integrated system solutions, which allow our customers to fulfil their economic, technical and quality objectives.

Against the background of our area of expertise, we develop solutions according to standardised development procedures based on well-engineered hardware and software technology. Adherence to target costs and deadlines and the observance of the relevant technical standards and regulations are integral aspects of our services.

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In collaboration with our technology associates and in-house specialists, we provide state-of-the-art solutions and instruments tailored to your needs.

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The precise knowledge of track geometry and the available clearance pays off. Amberg Technologies accomplishes this task for you based on broad experience in the rail environment on small as well as complex projects.

The historical but often isolated growth of railways in countries throughout the world has led to conditions in which standard solutions cannot optimally cover local requirements. The existing systems and the rail infrastructure often call for a project-oriented integration of a standard solution or for a customised modification and upgrade.

Our comprehensive component library enables us to undertake customer-specific tasks in the field of infrastructure surveying for railways cost-effectively and according to specification.

Increasing cost pressure on tunnel construction sites and in tunnel maintenance necessitate the highest possible automation and rationalisation of the production process. State-of-the-art surveying techniques and integral software solutions help satisfy project-specific demands.

For over 25 years Amberg Technologies has developed standard and specialised solutions for the construction and maintenance of underground engineering structures. Our affiliation in the Amberg Group enables us to benefit from the experience of our sister company Amberg Engineering and from the infrastructure of the Hagerbach Test Gallery for live testing under realistic conditions. This organisation ensures that the solutions we develop for our customers according to their specifications can be efficiently integrated into the production process from the first day onward.