Inspect track positions with millimetre accuracy – with the integrated surveying solution for the construction and maintenance of slab track.

  • High-precision systems optimally support the different slab track construction stages
  • Real-time display of correction values for direct adjustment of track position and height
  • Interactive, sleeper-based correction-data preparation
  • Acceptance mode for proper documentation of final track position
  • Comprehensive numerical and graphical reporting as a hand-out for contractors


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Amberg’s Slab Track-Solutions

Amberg Slab Track GRP 1000

394.3 km/h? No problem! Amberg Slab Track is the integrated surveying solution, optimised for the typical requirements during construction, monitoring and maintenance of slab track projects.


Amberg Slab Track IMS 1000 / 3000

Control of the Slab Track at high speed


GRP System FX

Amberg GRP System FX is the proven, universal system solution for acquiring precise track geometry and track environment data.