Amberg Technologies is experiencing constant growth. All the offices in Switzerland and abroad are steadily recruiting additional staff members.

However, our vision is not just expressed by the size of the company, but also by our ability to constantly develop innovative solutions for our customers. This is why we are taking a leading role in the research and development of state-of-the-art technologies. 

Our offices are connected in an international network. This allows us to make the most of the know-how, resources, competencies and contacts available in our teams. This intense collaboration contributes to the success of all our companies and finally of our customers.

Amberg Technologies employees

Our employees are as diverse as the company itself. Exciting projects all around the world offer a huge potential for individual development. Even if you have little experience or have just graduated from university, college or vocational school, we will guide you step by step on your career path. Supported by experienced mentors and further education, you will pave your way towards a successful career.

You can find more information about what working with us is like here:

Welcome to Amberg


Geophysicists and surveyors as well as software and hardware engineers at the headquarters in Regensdorf near Zurich and in Brno (CZ) design customized system solutions for the georeferenced capture and processing of data related to infrastructure constructions. Find out what our employees say about working at Amberg Technologies:

Vincent Meiser

Team Lead Software Engineering

Rail Unit

Regensdorf, Switzerland


"It is fascinating to experience how creative people joining their knowledge about all kinds of disciplines candevelop a new innovative product together. If you add the collaboration with an international team active in the entire world, this is a very exciting task, always offering new challenges."

Alzbeta Prokopova

Application & Support Engineer

Tunnel Unit

Regensdorf, Switzerland


"As a Support Engineer, I develop and update software tools according to the concrete needs of our customers. What I like about my job are the numerous interactions I have with the users of our applications: I listen to them and then look for solutions to make their job easier."

Petr Mlynar

Leader Software Engineering 

Tunnel Seismic Prediction & Amberg Tunnel Unit

Brno, Czech Republic


"When you work with an international team of specialists and use cutting-edge technology to develop innovative solutions used all over the world, your job can only be exciting! Amberg Technologies is the ideal place to bring in new ideas and learn from your colleagues and clients."


Samuel Odermatt

Head of Human Resources

Trockenloostrasse 21

8105 Regensdorf



Carmela Petriello

Human Resources Manager

Trockenloostrasse 21

8105 Regensdorf