In a busy rail yard, the planning of maintenance and renewal work requires fast, flexible and simple instruments for the inspection of the tracks. With the systems and services of Amberg Technologies, the as-built survey of existing lines and their surroundings can be realised very easily without disturbing regular operations. And this even when no prior information about position and track geometry is available. By conducting a survey of all the tracks, it's possible to generate a comprehensive map of the yard.

You can rely on Amberg Systems for:

  • As-built survey of existing lines and their surroundings for planning purposes – for many lines no information about position and track geometry is available
  • Maintenance and renewal of existing lines and rail yards for the increase of freight capacity and transportation speed

Especially in busy rail yards, the systems can demonstrate one of their many advantages – the possibility to run flexible, simple and fast surveys without disturbing the regular operation. Once surveys have been conducted on all tracks, a complete rail yard can be mapped.

Solutions & Services

Available applications and measuring systems

Amberg Inspection

The IMS Relative system variant is easy to handle and transport. It is meant for hard-working conditions and lets even the least experienced user enjoy unrivalled speed and performance.


Amberg Survey

Highly efficient system allowing the as-built survey of existing railway lines for documentation and future planning purposes.


Amberg Slab Track

Integrated surveying solution optimised for the typical requirements during construction, monitoring and maintenance of slab track lines.


Amberg Tamping

High-performance system solution for track alignment data or control-point-based tamping survey.


Amberg Clearance

Modular system solution for manual and automatic clearance survey including sophisticated engine for static and dynamic clearance analysis.