Modern tunnelling is subject to numerous demands: tunnelling companies must keep costs low, finish projects in less time and still keep up with the high quality and safety standards.

Subsequently the main goal is always to optimise the tunnel excavation process and workflows. Efficient, cost-effective surveying solutions are needed, without placing precision and safety at risk. The equipment must be optimally tailored to the specific project requirements and used by the on-site tunnel crew.

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Amberg Tunnel surveying solution

The Amberg Tunnel surveying solution from Amberg Technologies supports tunnelling in all construction phases.

The system solutions under the umbrella name of Amberg Tunnel combine precise measuring instruments with task-specific software. Significant improvements in efficiency are realised, especially in tunnel navigation, tunnel profile measurements, tunnel scanning, geotechnical analysis and as-built tunnel analysis.

The Amberg Tunnel product portfolio offers to the customer an innovative and reliable solution.


Amberg Tunnel Solutions

Amberg Navigator

One tablet for the guidance and control of an entire tunnel project


Amberg Applications

Amberg Applications makes surveying tasks in tunnel construction faster and simpler


Amberg Profile

Analysis has never been so easy!


Amberg Tunnelscan

The powerful office software for any type of scanning data


Amberg Geotechnics

The software application for recognising hazard zones in underground construction


Amberg Inspection

Digital tunnel inspection cloud solution using artificial intelligence for a semi-automatic change detection.