Amberg Inspection is the new cloud-based platform that enables cost-efficient tunnel maintenance work.

With the web-based platform, you can keep an eye on the condition of the tunnels and plan maintenance and repair work in a cost-saving and efficient manner.

Your advantages

  • Always full control of the structural condition - no surprises
  • Fast and precise data acquisition - no unnecessary traffic restrictions
  • Efficient planning of operations - resources are optimally used
  • Semi-automatic (AI) inspection - Increased productivity - Cost savings

Range of services

  • AI, artificial intelligence for inspection, increasing productivity by 60%.
  • Customer-specific catalogues - defining damage observations / features
  • Open interface for background images - LiDAR / scanner, colour images
  • Powerful and dynamic reporting in the cloud
  • Classification per tunnel and per block for efficient facility management
  • Intuitive User interface – multiple user support
  • Comprehensive user management, allowing multiple operators to inspect a tunnel and giving the owner a real-time view of his data

We are pleased to carry out your project

In collaboration with our technology associates and in-house specialists, we provide state-of-the-art solutions and instruments tailored to your needs.

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  • Project preparation in Amberg Tunnel desktop software
  • Import of different kind of orthoimages from tunnel inspections vehicles
  • Defining inspection catalogue based on your requirement
  • Project dashboard which shows the latest changes on the projects and a fast access to the inspection task or analysis
  • Project overview with different background maps
  • Manually or semi-automatic inspection of the phenomena
  • Using a pre-defined cataolgue for inspection
  • Additional option to show old inspection data as a background information
  • Generating probability layer of damages based on artificial intelligence
  • Visual analysis of two different inspections epoch with side by side option or overlay
  • Extensive numerical analysis possibilities of one and several epochs
  • Dynamical reporting with several options on filtering
  • Export of inspection analysis to DXF & CSV for further data interpretation