TSP - the world's most successful seismic prediction system - incorporates the wealth of more than 25 years of experience and continued innovation in supporting tunnel builders to identify their geological risk during construction.

Specially designed for underground construction, TSP's outstanding advantages help you stay ahead of your project objectives

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In collaboration with our technology associates and in-house specialists, we provide state-of-the-art solutions and instruments tailored to your needs.

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  • 25+ years experience in all rock mass areas
  • 250+ systems in 30 countries and 4 continents
  • Prediction of 7,000+ km tunnels in 1,000+ projects
  • Advanced 3-D data processing and visualisation provides automated, concise and comprehensive information.
  • Timely results provide a prediction within a few hours when appropriate measures need to be taken. 
  • Reliable and accurate predictions have already been made in more than 2,000 tunnel projects under various geological conditions.
  • The TSP system has a very high job site suitability with minimal proneness to failure.
  • Reduction of probe drillings
  • Minimised downtime
  • Increased safety at work
  • Optimised site logistics
  • Hazardous weakness zones (e.g. fault, shears and fractured areas)
  • Water bearing zones
  • Cavities
  • Changes in physical rock mass parameters

3D Results

  • Investigation range about 150 m from face.
  • Spatial resolution 1 - 5 m.
  • Positional accuracy 1 - 5 % of target distance.
  • Measurement time <1.5 h.
  • Results within 3 h on-site.

Products & Info

TSP 603 Wireless

The wireless system that fits digital construction. TSP 603 wireless combines all the advantages of its well proven predecessor TSP 303 Plus and much more.

  • Easier to carry and faster to install
  • Smoother integration into the production cycle
  • Autonomous angular position of sensor
  • Instant data transfer to a secure cloud storage

TSP 303 Plus

The proven system that evaluates first in 3D. The TSP 303 Plus is supplied as an easy-to-use instrument and user-friendly software for data acquisition, processing and evaluation.

  • "Ready-to-use" system
  • Simple installation within 30 min
  • Easy to operate by trained site engineers
  • Geological forecast within 3 hours