We are excited to announce the latest software releases for Amberg Tunnel, Amberg Navigator and Amberg Applications for Captivate. These new versions come with several enhancements and improvements, Amberg Navigator tasks now support theoretical design from IFC & OBJ and you will find significant improvements in Tunnelscan module. Amberg Applications can now load project data from an USB stick.

  • Amberg Tunnel - Version 2.25
  • Amberg Navigator - Version 1.25
  • Amberg Applications - Version 7.13


New features and improvements at glance

Amberg Tunnel – All modules

  • 3D model files editor (IFC) - Enhanced with support for OBJ file format
  • All 3D views - The scene now remains levelled while rotating in 3D
  • Editor tables - Enhanced flexibility with adjustable column widths and auto-resize
  • PDF reports - Enhanced readability with shrink-to-fit text

Amberg Tunnelscan

  • New semi-automatic sphere target georeferencing
  • New horizontal and vertical trim line filters in the point cloud editor
  • Support for direct import of Leica BLK360 G2 scans via Wi-Fi
  • Option added to split a point cloud at defined widths along the tunnel axis
  • Point cloud selection tools - New "Add to Selection" and "Subtract from Selection" options
  • Added ability to cut/paste a point cloud selection to another construction stage
  • New point cloud registration report available for sphere and B+W methods
  • Point cloud registration residuals now visible in properties window
  • New keyboard shortcuts for improved point cloud editor efficiency
  • Sphere / B+W target selection - Window now opens in full screen mode
  • Sphere / B+W target selection - Enhanced with keyboard shortcuts and quick-zoom
  • Sphere / B+W target selection - Improved greyscale image brightness
  • Point cloud editor context menu reorganised for improved usability
  • Analysis processing times now significantly faster at high resolutions
  • Improved large point cloud handling during import
  • Enhanced usability of the "Attach camera to axis" tool
  • Point cloud export format preference remembered
  • Point cloud editor - Default view mode now orthographic for improved usability

Amberg Profile

  • Default "Measured vs Design" report now includes average overbreak and average underbreak


Amberg Geotechnics

  • Convergence reports - Optimised label placement for improved clarity

Amberg Tunnel Navigator & Navigator Tablet

  • Theoretical designs derived from 3D models (IFC & OBJ) are now supported by all tasks.
  • Pole task - Support added for Leica 360 and Leica Mini 360 prisms.
  • Drill Rig Automatic task - Option added to measure the prisms manually.


Navigator Cloud Sync

  • Support for theoretical designs derived from 3D models (IFC & OBJ)
  • Pole task - Added support for Leica 360 and Leica Mini 360 prisms
  • Drill Rig Automatic task - Added option for manual prism measurement
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