Comprehensive infrastructure asset management, reliable quality control in the construction and maintenance process as well as knowledge of the condition and requirements of the rail network: these are important elements for a reliable and efficient transport infrastructure.

With the highly modular GRP System FX and the tailored software platform Amberg Rail 3.0 Amberg Technologies provides measurement systems for railway surveying, which fulfil highest quality, reliability, measurement performance and finally economical requirements. Following fields of application are supported: construction and maintenance of slab track and ballast track, as-built survey of existing lines, clearance analysis.

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Amberg Rail system solutions meet the most demanding needs in modern railway surveying

  • Measurement systems for highest accuracy and at the same time highest performance
  • Perfect combination of fully automatic data processing and application specific user interaction for a timely result availability / presentation
  • Professional and reliable team for first class pre- and after-sales support
  • Shortest track occupation time due to unique measurement performance
  • Availability of results in real-time or only a few minutes after measurement
  • Modular measurement system for different applications in the field of railway surveying
  • Ready to measure in a few minutes – system deployable at short notice and flexibly
  • Easy handling of hardware and software by track site personnel
  • Measurement systems offering highest accuracy and reliability

Amberg Rail Solutions

Available applications and measuring systems

Amberg Inspection

The IMS Relative system variant is easy to handle and transport. It is meant for hard-working conditions and lets even the least experienced user enjoy unrivalled speed and performance.


Amberg Survey

Highly efficient system for as-built survey of existing railway lines for documentation and future planning purposes.


Amberg Slab Track

Integrated surveying solution optimised for the typical requirements during construction, monitoring and maintenance of slab track lines.


Amberg Tamping

High-performance system solution for track alignment data or control-point-based tamping survey.


Amberg Clearance

Modular system solution for manual and automatic clearance survey including sophisticated engine for static and dynamic clearance analysis. 


Amberg IMS Family

Amberg IMS provides reliable and highly precise track geometry information during the construction and maintenance of railway systems – while achieving unparalleled productivity.


GRP System FX

Amberg GRP System FX is the proven, universal system solution for acquiring precise track geometry and track environment data.


GRP System FX II

The Amberg GRP System FX II is a new-generation measuring system manufactured based on the well-proven GRP System FX.