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The underground, a space of innovation

The central theme of this edition is “the underground, a space of innovation”. The underground in fact offers very many opportunities, on the urban planning level - with the creation of a range of facilities and new activities-, with regard to the design of studies - in particular with the assistance of numerical modelling - and also with respect to the great strides that are being continuously made in boring and construction plant, equipment and products.

  • The contribution of underground space in the city of the future
  • Changes in the design of underground space and structures
  • Innovation in building underground structures
  • The operation and maintenance of underground works serving sustainable development

Amberg Engineering, Amberg Technologies and the Hagerbach Test Gallery will be present at our Amberg Group booth. Take the opportunity to meet our market representatives and experts and learn more about our subsurface infrastructure and maintenance solutions. We would be pleased to welcome you at our Booth no. 178.

Get an insight into Amberg's stunning projects and learn from the tunnelling professionals of the Amberg Group. Our experts will give various presentations in order to exchange experiences and share innovative ideas on how Amberg is going to shape the digital future.


Monday, 6.9.2021 / 15:45-16:00
Topic: Optimising the maintenance and operation of underground structures using a digital twin 
Booth 178 speech by Veronika Petschen, Amberg Engineering

Tuesday, 7.9.2021 / 15:30-16:00
Topic: Hagerbach Academy real & digital
Booth 178 speech by Erich Lassnig, Hagerbach Test Gallery

Wednesday, 8.9.2021 / 11:30-12:30 Salle Neuilly
Session: Essential advantages of underground spaces - choice and perspectives

11:30 Topic: Multiple-criteria decision analysis applied to infrastructure projects: case study of the Cofignon tunnel, Geneva, Switzerland (Paper: Aymric Geoffroy (Amberg Engineering), Vincent Rainot (Speaker), Dr. Micaël Tille, James Dupont, Guiseppe Brigandi)
11:50 Topic: A Multi-Dimensional Planning Approach (MDPA) - Towards a New Rationale to Planning and Visualising Underground Spaces as Part of the Urban Metabolism (Paper: Antonia Cornaro, Amberg Engineering (Speaker) and Han Admiraal)
12:10 Topic: Fire and ventilation engineering of complex underground networks (Marco Bettelini, Amberg Engineering)

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