It’s your choice - Simple or comprehensive monitoring.

We can support you individually in dependence on the application case and the hazard scenario with simple measurements or fully networked, automatic monitoring systems.

With the novel Amberg GeoMonitoring system, Amberg Technologies offers you the next generation of geomonitoring solutions.

We are pleased to carry out your project

In collaboration with our technology associates and in-house specialists, we provide state-of-the-art solutions and instruments tailored to your needs.

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Your advantages

  • Installation within 24 hours is possible
  • Everything from a single source: concept, consulting, instrumentation, measurement, evaluation, alerting, interpretation
  • Short intervention times due to remote control
  • A flexible package ranging from system leasing to comprehensive services
  • Scalable alerts
  • High accuracy through automatic network calculation
  • Intelligent plausibility testing
  • Event development thanks to seamless data history
  • Easy interpretation of the graphical data
  • GEOvis web portal for online access to data with any computer or with a smartphone when on the go
  • Charts interactively adaptable by the user
  • High failure safety through redundant design
  • Fully automatic self-monitoring of the system
  • Well-engineered communication technology for safe data transmission
  • Bridging of power failures thanks to integrated UPS
  • Intelligent power management
  • Because of the modular system architecture, the GeoMonitoring Network can easily and quickly be adapted to changing project requirements. This saves time and costs as well as securing the necessary information for decision makers in every project situation.
  • Flexible for the connection of numerous sensors
  • Calculation of virtual sensors (e.g. track twisting)
  • Combined evaluation of various sensors.


Pictures say more than numbers. Amberg Technologies values clear, simple to interpret graphics. Thanks to GEOvis, all information is continuously available via the Internet.

Data flow from the site to the user

With personal password-protected access to the Internet platform GEOvis, engineers and decision makers have unlimited access to the results, which through simple graphics can also be easily identified and interpreted. Safety-related data or data of structural relevance can therefore be retrieved as necessary.

GEOvis - Visualisation on the Internet

Graphical results in PDF-Format, Assigned to the situation map, Always up to date, Worldwide access 24 hours/day, Standard technology, No additional software necessary, No cost for licences, Unlimited access... 

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Railways are extremely important transport routes for today's mobility. Construction sites near railway lines can severely affect railway operations because of settlements or displacements of the tracks. Amberg GeoMonitoring ensures that such hazards are detected at an early stage.


In modern tunnel construction and specialised civil and underground engineering, surveying and geotechnical measurements often share the same basis. By combining these two areas, Amberg GeoMonitoring optimises processes and reduces costs.


The ever denser utilization of urban space has increased the significance of GeoMonitoring for safety considerations, risk minimisation and evidence for legal matters.