TSP 303


  • TSP at Olmos Tunnel, Peru (wmv, 28 MB) english

Project Reports / SmartMeasures

  • SmartMeasures: The world's deepest and longest road tunnel in construction - subsea comes to that! – Coastal highway route E39 - Rogfast tunnel project, Norway, 05/2020 english
  • SmartMeasures: The longest undersea tunnelling in Korea: Slope matters! – Boryong-Taean National Highway Construction Project, South Korea, 03/2018 english
  • SmartMeasures: 280 km water conveying at the Peruvian Coast – Stage III of Chavimochic Special Project, Peru, 09/2017 english
  • SmartMeasures: Fertile water diversion for central Sri Lanka – Uma Oya Multipurpose Development Project, Sri Lanka, 10/2016 english
  • SmartMeasures: Secure excavation in a sensitive urban area – Vallirana Bypass Tunnel Connection, Barcelona, Spain, 12/2015 english
  • SmartMeasures: China's ambitious railway network plan soon achieved – Baoji-Lanzhou Highspeed Rail Project, China, 12/2014 english
  • SmartMeasures: Enourmous savings for 60% higher capacity – Extension Project of the Cachi Hydropower Plant, Costa Rica, 05/2014 english
  • SmartMeasures: Water for 7.2 Million Malaysians – Pahang Selangor Raw Water Transfer Project, Malaysia, 04/2013 english
  • Tunnel Seismic Prediction for volcanic rock – Kárahnjúkar Hydropower Project, Iceland * english
  • Tunnel Seismic Prediction in Crystalline Rock – Exploratory Tunnel Leibenfeld, Austria * english
  • Tunnel Seismic Prediction for karstic zones – Zuckerberg Tunnel, Project Sewer II, Germany * english

Reference Projects


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