Building Information Modelling (BIM) boosts your productivity

BIM technology, which is already well established in building engineering, is slowly gaining ground in the planning, construction and maintenance of all kinds of infrastructure projects. 

Amberg Group, one of the pioneers in the field of BIM in Switzerland, is specialized in designing difficult passages in tunnels as well as complex geometries such as crossings and connections to existing structures. The clients of Amberg Technologies benefit from this experience for their own projects in the field of Transportation, Urban Areas, Underground and Energy & Water. 

The advantages of BIM are numerous: the digital representation of constructions does not only make your projects more efficient by centralizing all the data, but also improves communication in the project team. Wherever they are, the specialists involved have access at any time to comprehensive up-to-date information. Writing and reading long reports becomes superfluous and more resources can be dedicated to solving problems.

Amberg is your favored BIM partner for your infrastructure projects. BIM Consulting, coordination and implementation, Field2BIM or BIM2Field – get supported over the whole life cycle of your infrastructure.

BIM is our passion!

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